£199.00 £149.00


Colour Temperature: 6500K

Base: E27 and B22

Voltage: AC150 – 240VAC

Wattage: 20W



After a busy day, you must just want to sleep comfortably when getting home. At this time, the buzzing mosquitoes are reverberating in your ears, planning to bite something on you to its satisfaction. What a nuisance! Install this LED mosquito lighting bulb at the head of your bed. The cold white light drives away the darkness and the light-wave releasing from the built-in LED lightwave tube would have a deadly attraction for mosquitoes. This light will keep 30 square meters of undisturbed space for you.


As summer arrived, so did the mosquitoes.

LED light, also can be a night-light in your room.

Good CRI, energy-saving, great light, good quality, long life-time.

Pure physical to kill a mosquito, no radiation, also suitable for children, pregnant, aged people.

Two light colour model, press button once (purple), press twice (white) press three times to turn off.

Not same with mosquito-repellent incense, hardly any smell, provide you a silent, comfortable sleep time.

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