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Funky stylish designed not only insert coins, also can electronically rolling cash and bills into the money bank box, just like a real ATM bank machine.

With reasonable space design, the money bank can also secret small personal items, such as toy, passport, secret letters etc.

Counterfeit light: press and hold the “*” button to turn on the counterfeit light and check the true and false of the banknote.

In the closed state: Press the “” and “” keys at the same time, the system will prompt to enter the music space, and press the number keys to select the song. Press

“” or “” to exit the music space.

Enter the setup password (the initial password is 4624), press the fingerprint button, the system will prompt the password is correct and automatically open the door.

Size: LxWxH: 13x13x24cm (5.1×5.1×9.4 inch); Perfect for children cultivate saving habits, ATM mode and password, fingerprint, makes much fun.

password can be changed

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