– Speed : 2850RPM

– Power : 0.75KW

– Power : 1HP

– Outlet : 32mm

– Pump Diameter : 100mm

– Pump Length : 577mm

– Pump Wieght : 5KG

– Output 5L/min 30L/min 55L/min

– Depth 97m 84m 36m



The Hurricane 4SD2/14 borehole submersible pump end requires a 0.75Kw submersible motor to drive it and is capable of delivering up to 10L/min at a depth of 96m.

Operating Conditions:

– Maximum fluid temperature: up to 35°C

– Maximum sand content: 0.25%

– Minimum borehole diameter: 4? (10.16cm)

Motor & Pump:

– Single Phase : 220V – 240V 0.75KW 1HP / 50Hz or

– Three Phase : 380V – 415V 0.75KW 1HP/ 50Hz

– Equip with either a standard (manual) or an automatic control box 0.75KW 1HP (water level sensors)

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